Guess What? Your Time Is Up.

Considering girls are always talked about as being in competition with each other, the show of solidarity at the 2018 Golden Globes is a prime example of how people need to stop assuming women are unsupportive of each other.

2017 was a big year for women in Hollywood beginning to step forward and speak out against the men in power who believed that women would do anything for a paycheck. For too long men with power and money have believed that because they are privileged enough to have these material possessions, that means they are entitled to anything and anyone.

Well the #MeToo movement stepped in to say ‘no, you are not fucking entitled to me’.

It wasn’t just women in Hollywood speaking out about instances where they had been sexually abused, but women on my Facebook timeline were coming forward too.

It seems every girl has an experience for the #MeToo hashtag, just not everybody feels comfortable enough to share it on social media. But the movement just highlighted, even more so, how much of a problem it is around the world. We say that our side of the world is safer for women, but the reality is that it’s just kept more hush hush.

Instead of women from tribes being dragged from their huts and raped in the street, women are being forced into situations they don’t want to be in by a big man in an office who threatens them with ruining their career, hence meaning they can’t afford to put food on the table or a roof above their head. Nothing has changed for women, it’s just better hidden. And that’s why 2017 was so important in it’s movement.

And Oprah Winfrey, at the 2018 Golden Globe awards, couldn’t have said any of it better in her acceptance speech. Not to mention, Natalie Portman speaking out while presenting the award for Best Director…

And you know what… after her speaking out like that, I BET it will be a long time before she will be asked to present an award at The Golden Globes again. Because speaking out against the men in power pisses off the men in power, and the men in power run the show.

But Oprah and Natalie speaking out, and the act of solidarity shown by all the women who wore black to the award ceremony, are here to show that women are tired of it. We will not put up with it anymore. We will not be bullied or threatened by cowardly men hiding behind their money.

Their time is up.

So if you’re quaking in your boots right now, then ask yourself why? Do you have something to hide? Are you a part of the problem? If your answer is yes, then get ready cos your shit won’t be put up with anymore.

Your time is up.


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Elisha is a Digital Content Creator from North Yorkshire, England. She loves chocolate, wine, dogs, food, reading, travelling, and sunny afternoons in beer gardens! She is a self proclaimed 'terrible baker'. (Don't eat her stuff!)

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