A Small Piece Of Tranquility In Nassau

There’s something to be said in that you can find beauty wherever, as long as you’re looking in the right place.

Nassau isn’t particularly my favourite place in the world… which is a shame since we visit there often on our current cruise itinerary.

It’s not that Nassau is necessarily a bad place – it’s just that I have visited many times over the last couple of years and have struggled to ever have a particularly good day there. There isn’t much to do aside from going to Atlantis (which I don’t want to pay $100 for when I don’t even like water slides), and all the restaurants I’ve eaten at have been expensive for mediocre food and shoddy wifi (which is very important as a crew member on a ship).

So needless to say, I have spent the last handful of times we’ve visited Nassau on the boat. But this time I decided to get off and stretch my legs – and pray we found somewhere nice to spend the day.

And that we did!Β FINALLY!


This time we went to Greycliff, as recommended by other friends, and I’m very glad we did.

Greycliff is a kind-of-complex, consisting of a pool, a couple of restaurants, a chocolate-making factory, and a series of beautiful court yards to wander around and take instagrammable pictures in. We couldn’t help but comment on how great it would be as a wedding venue!


We paid $25 each for a day pass, which allowed us to lie by the large pool for as long as we wanted, and we could put the money towards food and drinks, only paying for the difference if we went over the amount. (Which when the four of us combined our $25’s, was pretty impossible to go over!)

We enjoyed delicious pizzas and drinks from the comfort of our sun loungers, brought to us by waiters, and we shared the pool only with a handful of other people. It was a mini paradise in the middle of Nassau!


Upon wandering around, we came across courtyards with stone archways and beautiful flowers adorning them, brightly painted alleyways, and some little TURTLES! We also nipped our heads into the restaurants, and I got a little obsessed with this amazing ceiling that looked like a tree was bursting through it!


We visit Nassau four more times before we head on to a new itinerary, and while I can’t promise that I will get off the ship there many times more, I may have to take one more visit to Greycliff, just for a small piece of tranquility in an otherwise bustling port town.

Oh, and the wifi was semi-decent there too…



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