5 reasons I love London in November

  1. Shopping on Oxford Street is getting Christmassy

It’s getting close to that time of year… The John Lewis ad is out, the streets are lined with fairy lights, and the scarves and gloves are on. It’s so close to Christmas and yet still far enough away that we’re not panicking about having done no shopping yet. And what better place to crack on with your Christmas shopping than on the notorious Oxford Street?

The lights up the John Lewis building create such a lovely ambience that, despite the bustling streets, you can’t help but feel merry! Shopping in November, you beat the December madness (just about), making it the perfect time to get your shopping done. The shops are big (check out the fab, multi-storey ‘New Look’), the choice is wide, and there’s a coffee shop every other building. Perfect!


  1. The Poppy Memorial at the Tower of London

For the 100th anniversary of World War 1, The Tower of London hosted a spectacular art installation, “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”. The results were majestic, with red, porcelain poppies pouring out of the walls of the tower of London and into a moat around the historic tourist attraction to create the impression of blood.

Poppies were sold online raising millions of pounds for war charities and thousands upon thousands of tourists flocked to see this impressive, limited time only, exhibition. The results were spectacular, beautiful and heart wrenching all at once. Only in London…


  1. ‘Damn Yankees’ at The Landor Theatre

A few people that I attended Guildford School of Acting with were performing in this off-West End revival from 1st October to the 8th November, so when my friend visited London I decided to take her along to see this instead of a big budget West End show.

Set above a pub, ‘The Landor’ in Clapham North, it was perfect for a Friday night out. After the busiest day at work I’ve had, we went straight to The Landor, had some drinks and starters to pick at in a stylish, candle lit and fairy-lit pub, before heading upstairs to watch a high energy comedy in an intimate space.

The show was professional, hilarious (notable mention going to Jonathan D Ellis as The Devil) and we could nip downstairs for drinks in the interval and stay for socialising (and more drinks) at the end.

Our tab got a battering that night, but it was oh so worth it!


  1. Fur coats and hot chocolates

It’s become a bit too nippy for my liking (I was definitely meant to be born to an Australian family) so the battle is on to wrap up warm and still look stylish.

Our summer holidays are a long way off, which therefore means the bikini body ideas can do one for a few months. This time of year is wonderful because it is acceptable to wear big jumpers, woolly socks and eat to your hearts content without anyone ever having to see your overhanging belly. This means I don’t even feel guilty about overindulging in whipped cream-topped hot chocolates from Starbucks after a long day at work. Every day after work… What am I to do? They’re everywhere!

Also, it is easy to mix both style and comfort in a London winter. Sure, I may be walking around in my pyjamas, pretty much, every day of the week…but with a fur coat on over the top I instantly look like I’m heading to the film set, and nobody judges. Score!


  1. The sense of excitement!

While the year may have been wholly average, I may have nothing out of the ordinary happening for me, I could have spent the year crying into a slice of toast due to being skint, and in general, it could have been the worst year ever…when Christmas and the New Year are in sight, everything doesn’t seem so bad.

London is buzzing and beautiful, lifting your spirits; Londoners are generally a little more sociable as you bond over cramming into a train (but hey, at least you’re escaping the cold); You know you can leave the big city for some country-loving towards the end of December, before you return to the rat race in the New Year.

Around this time of year we get a new sense of purpose, new hope for the future, and look forward to spending time with and appreciating the people that we take for granted the rest of the year. And that’s why I think November is pretty wonderful!



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Elisha is a Digital Content Creator from North Yorkshire, England. She loves chocolate, wine, dogs, food, reading, travelling, and sunny afternoons in beer gardens! She is a self proclaimed 'terrible baker'. (Don't eat her stuff!)

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