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In addition to my ramblings I am also going to be creating a new page for my blog that includes my reviews on shows I have seen, theatre news etc.

As I leave training and move closer to London I am hoping to see many more pieces of theatre and events to expand my experience, so here I shall post what IΒ have acquired.

Tonight I am travelling to the Leicester Curve to see ‘The Water Babies’ musical in its first professional production, which I am very excited about!

Last year IΒ got to workshop and perform The Water Babies in its development stages and it is still to this day the best rehearsal period I have experienced yet. Ed Curtis (director and writer of the show) was an absolute delight to work with and really put us through our paces whilst having a wonderful time.

I have a soft spot for this show so I wish it all the success it deserves and can not wait to see how much it has changed since last year!

Review shall follow tomorrow…



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Elisha is a Digital Content Creator from North Yorkshire, England. She loves chocolate, wine, dogs, food, reading, travelling, and sunny afternoons in beer gardens! She is a self proclaimed 'terrible baker'. (Don't eat her stuff!)

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